Here’s a list of my published fiction & poetry:

Some Humanity Still, Quarterly West 105
The Pigeon Keeper|’s Daughter, Strange Horizons
Fire&Gold, Milky Way, If/then, The Capilano Review 3.40
Lake, EVENT 48.3
Materia spinosa (Cacti Prickle in Italian), Edizioni Black Coffee
十三步人冥 (Thirteen Steps in the Underworld), 科幻世界/Science Fiction World
Cacti Prickle, Bennington Review 7
OceanBracken VI
Wonderland, Day One
Boundary/Waters, Alastria Press Digital Projects
Flock, A Siege, A Murmuration, Bennington Review 3
What Futures, POC Take Over Fantastic Stories
An Interlude: Pig RiverAustin Chronicle
Art Show, Nashville Review 22
Dream MachineDay One
The Monkey King Sleeps, Strange Horizons
A Ceiling of Sky, The Forge Literary Magazine
Tulou Secrets, NANO Fiction 10.1
Tiger in the Mountains, NANO Fiction 10.1
Garden Party, Meniscus 4.2
The Islands, The Offing
Tea, The Freeman
Westward, Ever Westward
, Okey-Panky/Electric Literature
What is LostInterfictions Online 3
White Snake, Green Snake, Fairy Tale Review 10: The Emerald Issue
Thirteen Steps in the
The fact is, Off the Coast Fall 2013
Away They Go or Hurricane Season, A Cappella Zoo Issue 11
AscensionIdeomancer Speculative Fiction
In Dreams TangibleFantasy Magazine

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