Interview for Fairy Tale Review

The new prose editor of Fairy Tale Review asked me to answer a few question so here’s a short interview I did for their website where I talk a little about language and an excerpt from White Snake, Green Snake which was published in the Emerald issue. Thanks, Fairy Tale Review!
In terms of other arts news, I’ve been working on a few new stories and experimenting a little bit with micro fiction. Micro fiction is like a puzzle–how does one fit a full story into 100 words? It’s pretty fun, though. I should also be editing some of my older work since I have an editor now (thanks, The Center for Fiction!) but you know, those pesky holidays sometimes get in the way. I recently went to see Pocatello at Playwrights Horizons which I thought was really well-written and funny and sad; I’d had no expectations going in but it was pretty great (plus I saw the MacArthur genius playwright going into the theater!) Oh and hey, I’ll be at The Center for Fiction’s First Novel Fete and Annual Awards Dinner, masquerading as a fancy person who goes to things like that. Being a fellow=awesome.


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