“What Is Lost” in Interfictions

I just returned from my 5th year reunion (oh, how time flies!) in Providence to see that my story, “What Is Lost” is up at Interfictions! It’s part memoir, part fiction about the China I knew fifteen years ago and was actually written before I went to China again in 2012. It’s really amazing how much China has changed in 15 years and the things you notice when you’re young versus what you notice when you’re older. And the faultiness of memory!

My reunion was also a reminder of that as well. I’d forgotten which street was George Street even though I’d lived right off of it my freshman year! But my friends mostly still looked the same and the buildings, too, although plenty had been renovated. I’d also forgotten how beautiful Providence is in the summertime with azaleas and rhododendrons blooming everywhere in wild spurts of color. A few days were rainy but the sun shone bright on graduation day and it was lovely to be walking down College Hill with my class and to cheer and be cheered by faculty, fellow alums, and new grads.
P1110832 P1110811

As for Coney Island on Memorial Day…so much brighter and more packed than I remember. Less of the seediness of old and are all these rollercoasters new? It’s been years for me. P1110897 P1110936


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