Writers OMI

I’ve only recently arrived at my residency here in upstate New York at the OMI International Arts Center and have already done a reading in Hudson with 7 other amazing writers and translators (from all over the world)! We had a really great crowd (some people were even standing in back) and the space was gorgeous, at the Marianne Courville Gallery. Hudson itself is a lovely city, not run-down at all, and reminds me a bit of cities in Vermont with lots of antique stores and art galleries. I’m really looking forward to exploring it sometime.

I mostly spend my time at Omi which is actually in a much more rural area about 20 minutes away from Hudson. There’s a large sculpture park here which has been fun to wander through. The terrain is so hilly here and you can see the Catskills in the distance. The frogs, at night, cheep louder than crickets and today, the wind is howling something fierce but it’s beautifully warm out. I’m here to work on the collection I started while in China, short stories inspired by Chinese folktales, and I definitely plan on getting a lot done. Which means I should get back to writing…


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