The first day of spring

Today, I am inexplicably suffused with happiness. The weather is amazing, all blue sky and 70+ in the shade and it feels like the first day of spring all over again. You know what I mean. P1040284-2In the park behind our dorm, there were people taking naps on the benches in the shade. I sat on a rock and memorized lines of a dialogue about making travel arrangements (it will come in handy when I go on break in two weeks!) Later, I moved to an empty bench and a 79 year old woman joined me. She scoffed at those sleeping. Another woman came over and told us about how her daughter had lost her phone today in the park. Neither of them asked where I was from, which is a first. I must be making progress! P1040277-2
After my class, I took a walk past the track, to the park that used to be a zoo. Three men stood by the road, their attention on the sky where their kites were flying, so high and so distant that I could barely make out the glitter of the lines. The path followed a strange river, one without much water, but there were morning glories tangled around gates and willow trees whose leaves ruffled like hands clapping.
P1040257-2 In the park, a curtain of fabric stretched out to resemble wings and shade the singing women and chattering men. P1040261
Then, a building with half its roof collapsed and red tape that no one heeds. The first time I passed it, weeks ago, a man was inside playing his flute so beautifully it made me want to learn. The second time, one man stood on the balcony, practicing martial arts forms while a few others stood inside, practicing their punches. This time, I was alone as I stepped under the tape.
P1040264 P1040278 And all around: zinnias, marigolds, sylvia, morning glories, and cosmos. Along with them, butterflies. P1040292 Finally, I decided to do a bit of exercise by climbing to the top of one of the outdoor training(?) areas. I’m not quite sure what to call them but they’re basically areas where you can practice pull-ups, monkey bars, etc. Mostly I see older men using them but they’re open to everyone. If only I knew how to use them correctly! P1040296


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